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    Community Education
    A group of Muslim women are educated on healthy eating during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.
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    Member Networking
    Members network at MIDAN's annual meeting at the Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo in San Diego.
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    Fostering Professional Diversity
    MIDAN members join Dr. Judith Rodriguez, the first Hispanic Academy President, at the Nasdaq Closing Bell during National Nutrition Month.

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Halal Diet Resources

Below is a selection of helpful halal resources from Med-Diet's Creating a Halal-Friendly Kitchen Inservice Kit and the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America's Halal Foodservice Kit.

MIDAN Members may access the full Creating a Halal-Friendly Kitchen Inservice Kit, including the actual PowerPoint presentation and presenter's notes to go along with each presentation slide, on the Resources -> Ramadan Toolkit page after logging in.

Non-members may access the full Inservice Kit with the purchase of MIDAN's Ramadan Toolkit by joining MIDAN or by purchasing the toolkit on USB at the www.eatright.org store.

  1. Serving Muslims Patrons Following a Halal Diet
  2. Creating a Halal-Friendly Kitchen Presentation Slides
  3. Halal Basics
  4. Halal Quick Reference Guide
  5. Halal Food Options in College Campus Cafeterias
  6. Halal Food Buyer Guide for Foodservice Professionals
  7. Halal Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Foodservice Distributor Guide

Did you find these resources helpful?  Do you know of any other resources that should be added to this list?  Please complete the Contact Us form to share your feedback with MIDAN. 


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